Royal Wedding Race 8May 2011

We decided that instead of the Tea Cruise published in the program we would have the Royal Wedding Race instead as prizes had been provided. The conditions seemed very good for a long race so it was decided to go for a race around Osea. The wind was to the south 3-4 gusting 5 which allowed for a long run up Lawling Creek all the way to Goldhanger navigation mark. S20 and S30 got off to a good start and were side by side most of the way to Lawling at which stage the gusts were getting stronger and violent shifts gave S30 spinnaker problems allowing S20 to get away and S29 to gradually move past. Heading to Goldhanger Anne Dyson in the only dinghy to take part was well ahead but struggling to find the Golhanger mark. (A rare mark for a dinghy racer). At Goldhanger S29 took the lead with S20 following a few boat lenghths behind. At the western end of Osea the boats came out of the protection of the island to find the wind had strengthened and it was a hard beat for a while breifly allowing S20 to to take the lead again. Once around it was a reach all the way to Mundon navigation which was an exhilarating experience but you could not help worrying about the laser, fortunately we knew the support boat was in attendance. It was back to 4 close hauled with only a tack or 2 required and a short beat to the finished with the boats finishing in the same order. 1st John and Kevin in S29, 2nd Phil and Geoffrey in S20, 3rd Mike, Richard and Pat in S30, 4th Peter and his daughter in S155 who sailed without using the spinnaker. Anne finished under her own steam in the laser but was tired by the experience and missed out the last few marks. Knowing how hard it is in a laser even on the run in those conditions I have nothing but my admiration for taking part and she was awarded Royal wedding oven gloves in recognition. John and Kevin were awarded the Royal biscuits and Phil and Geoffrey the Royal mugs.