Sailing Programme 2020


View and Download the 2020 Sailing Programme. (pdf).

This is the programme as set before the current coronavirus outbreak so please pay attention to communications about changes.


Discover Sailing 2020

Sailing Highlights 2020


The Sailing Programme for 2020 is similar to previous years, but there are a few highlights worthy of mention here:

  • Spring & Winter Series will be based at MBSC, Summer & Autumn Series will be based at H(B)SC
  • Six race series at MBSC from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, and a one off race at H(B)SC on Easter Monday
  • A Bank Holiday regatta over the VE Day weekend. As well as racing on the water, we hope to organise some fun events at the Club when the tide is out. Why not stay down and make a weekend of it?
  • Discover Sailing (previously know as Push The Boat Out) is scheduled for 23rd May. This is the opportunity for you to bring your mates to the Club to have a go at sailing!
  • A new feature in the programme is a late ‘night owl’ on the evening of Saturday 30th May, followed by an ‘early bird’ race early the following morning. Best to stay down at the Club on Saturday night for these!
  • The annual MBSC Kestrel Open will be in early July this year, and is being held jointly with GP14s
  • Maylandsea Bay Week is from Monday 17th August to Friday 21st. Get it in you diary, and book the week off work now!
  • Barts Bash is on Sunday 20th September
  • Winter Series starts on 1st November and runs until 13th December
  • Blackwater Icicle, run this year by H(B)SC, is n 3rd Jan 2021.


Current Sailing instructions are available to view above the "Signing On Table"

Race Officers & Safety Crews

If a member is unable to attend for their duty as listed in the programme, then please try to change with someone. If this is not possible please inform the sailing secretary or rear commodore at least a week beforehand to enable alternative arrangements to be made.

Members acting as race officers or crews may qualify for the average of their points for races sailed (before discards) within the series of races so missed, to the limit of 2 races in any series.  Please sign “on” for the race missed race indicating the duty undertaken to ensure the your points are credited.

Entry Fees

Open Meeting, Winter Series etc., entry fees to be paid at the time of entry.

Number of Races to Count In a Series

  • 1 race sailed - 1 to count
  • 2 or 3 races sailed - 2 count
  • 4 or 5 races sailed - 3 to count
  • 6 or 7 races sailed - 4 to count
  • 8 or 9 races sailed - 5 to count
  • 10 races sailed - 6 to count

Programme Notes

  • START TIMES: Training - Time is the start of the session. Be changed and boat ready
  • MBSC: Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club Start Line
  • HBSC: Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club Start Line

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