Club Flag MBSC Sailing Programme 2016.

View and download the latest 2016 Sailing programme here.(pdf)

MBSC Sailing Programme 2016 Notes:

There are plenty of opportunities to go sailing this year, either participating in races, training or cruising – there are at least 55 days of sailing. Racing starts at Easter – only a few weeks away. There are some pre-season safety boat and race officer sessions.

Duties – To try and maintain the number of events and activities I have had to combine a few events. Most people have should have more opportunities to go sailing than have to do a duty (typically 12 sailing days to 1 duty day), but we do need members to do their duty. I you need to swap please use the Facebook page, phone another and inform Phil Spillane (sailing secretary). Thank you.

Copies of the Club racing documents can be found under the menu option "Race Officer and Sailing Instructions".

Racing and Training


We are finally going over to the 5-4-1-go start sequence. A new control panel and lights are being prepared and should be installed for the start of the season.

If all works well Race Officers should have to only push one button to start the sequence. You will still have to record the finish times manually. Sailors will have to reset your watches and the start sequence no longer overlaps with the previous start.  We will provide more information once the system is installed and working.

Details of the new start procedure can read and downloaded here: Start Procedure 5-4-1-go

Sandhopper Racing

The fleet have asked for more variation in racing and we have programmed their series racing based on 1 race, 2 races, 1 race…and so on. Race officers will have set a second race for Sandhoppers on a 2 race day. The fleet can decide taking into consideration the conditions with the aim of maximising the number of competitors,decide on the day to change the number of races. Please inform the RO 45minutes before start time.

Training sessions

6 Saturdays have been programme this year before Maylandsea Bay Week. We have suggested camping on a couple of days. Sandhoppers will joining the sessions to hopefully do some match racing/two boat tuning in an area away from the Picos. This will enable adults to go train in a bigger boat than a Pico!!

Maylandsea Bay Week 2016

MBW2016 is programmed for the week commencing the 15th August. Evelyn Darby and Len Wright Trophy races will be sailed on the Sunday 14th August – the Sunday before Maylandsea Bay Week.

RNLI pennant and Mayland Mug

To manage resources these will be run on the same Saturday

Prize giving

This will be in November at the Prize Giving Dinner to be held at the club. Please have your trophy engraved and returned to Phil by the end of October.

Open and Other Events

Kestrel Open – we were asked by the association if we would run a Kestrel open as we still have a fleet of boats. This is programmed for the 3rd and 4th September.

Sandhopper Open – 17th /18th September – this maybe cheeky but we will use Barts Bash as one of the race days. The Nationals are at Thorpe Bay on the 19th -21st August.

Blackwater Barts Bash – Sunday 18th September. The first MBSC boat will be awarded the Challenge cup.

For Larks Marconi are holding an open on the 4/5th June (not in the programme).

Push the Boat Out – we want to get as many club members out sailing as possible this weekend. This is national event – Saturday is a training, taster, BBQ day and Sunday is racing.

Cruising – in the last couple of years about half a dozen boats have had a lovely cruise to Mersea Island. There are a couple of dates that allow for this, the second date is on the late August Bank Holiday weekend and have suggested camping on return to the club. The BJRC cruiser race dates are published in the 2016 at Glance pages.

Hopefully there is something for everyone, have a great sailing season.

Paul Wilkinson

Rear Commodore

February 2016



Sailing Instruction.

Copies of the Club racing documents can be found under the menu option "Race Officer and Sailing Instructions".


Current Sailing instructions are available to view above the "Signing On Table"

Race Officers & Safety Crews

If a member is unable to attend for their duty as listed in the programme, then please try to change with someone. If this is not possible please inform the sailing secretary or rear commodore at least a week beforehand to enable alternative arrangements to be made.

Members acting as race officers or crews may qualify for the average of their points for races sailed (before discards) within the series of races so missed, to the limit of 2 races in any series.  Please sign “on” for the race missed race indicating the duty undertaken to ensure the your points are credited.

Entry Fees

Open Meeting, Winter Series etc., entry fees to be paid at the time of entry.

Number of Races to Count In a Series

  • 1 race sailed - 1 to count
  • 2 or 3 races sailed - 2 count
  • 4 or 5 races sailed - 3 to count
  • 6 or 7 races sailed - 4 to count
  • 8 or 9 races sailed - 5 to count
  • 10 races sailed - 6 to count

Programme Notes

  • START TIMES: Training - Time is the start of the session. Be changed and boat ready
  • MBSC: Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club Start Line
  • HBSC: Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club Start Line