MBSC Moorings
Mundon Creek Moorings Available

The Club manages all the moorings in Mundon Creek to the west of the Blackwater Marina on behalf of Maldon District Council as shown in the plan below. (Click on image for larger view.)

Mooring plan small

The club does not lay or maintain moorings or provide mooring tackle, other than small marker buoys. Mooring holders have to supply their own mooring tackle and lay and maintain their own moorings. The club therefore accepts no responsibility for the condition of moorings other than its own or any liability for loss caused by defective moorings or any other liability arising from the laying or use of moorings.

Applicants for moorings are required to complete an application form and submit it to the Hon. Secretary, together with a cheque payable to Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club for the Registration Fee (non-members only) and the appropriate Annual Mooring Fee. A pdf copy of the application form can be downloaded here. Completed application forms and cheques should be sent to the Hon. Secretary at the address below.

The Annual Mooring Fees are fixed by Maldon DC in January each year. The Club collects the fees from mooring holders and accounts to the Council for the fees less a management charge. The Club gives a discount to its members against the fees fixed by the Council.  The Club will invoice mooring holders for Annual Mooring Fees in March each year and they are payable by 30th April. Mooring Holders who have not received an invoice by 31st March should contact the Hon Secretary

Annual mooring fees for the year beginning 1st April 2016 are:

Up to 7.99 metres £120

8 to 9.99 metres £200

10 to 14.99 metres £270

over 15 metres £350

Transfer of mooring  50% of annual mooring fee. No charge for Club members.

Registration Fee : £125 payable to the Club (same as Maldon DC). No charge to Club Members.

Mooring Holders must have 3rd Party insurance for a minimum sum insured of £500,000 for each and every incident. They must notify the Club in writing of any limitation on the period of cover and must remove the boat from the water during the period when the boat is not covered.

Mooring Holders must comply with the Council's Mooring Regulations which can be viewed and downloaded here.

The Council has given the Club full discretion as to the location, laying and removal of moorings in the area. Mooring buoys must comply with the Council's specification. The Club can provide free of charge mooring buoys supplied by the Council.

Mooring holders must maintain their moorings in good condition to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council and must carry out any works of repair or maintenance required by the Council. The Club does not accept responsibility for the condition of any moorings or liability arising from defective moorings except its own.

Mooring Holders should refer to the Hon. Secretary if any problems or disputes arise in relation to their moorings and he will endeavour to resolve them. If there is any dispute which he is unable to resolve satisfactorily, it may be referred either by the Club or the mooring holder to the Council's water bailiff, Nigel Harmer (whose contact details are included in the Regulations).

By applying for a mooring, mooring holders are treated as consenting to the disclosure by the Club to Maldon DC and vice versa of information contained in the mooring application form and any other information relevant to the mooring or its use coming into their possession.

Contact details are:

Address:       Membership Secretary, Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club, ℅ 7 Coppens Green,Wickford, SS12 2PA

Telephone:     01268 732339

e-mail:         JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING