Maylandsea Bay Week Cadets


Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club held its annual week of sailing and onshore entertainment during Maylandsea Bay Week.

Results were: Fast Handicap Dinghies - Chris Grice & Neil Raven (Kestral); Short Course Dinghies - Julie & Matthew Bachelor (Pico); Cadet Winner - Barney Broomfield (Pico); Crew's Race - Neil Raven; Cadet Crew's Race - Max Delap; Overall Male Helm - Chris Grice; Overall Female Helm - Lauren Grice; Laser Winner - Ollie Cook. Laura Thame received the Endeavour Shield for most improved sailor and notable winner of the Scuttle Trophy was Ann Dyson. Overall Mud Race winner was Barney Broomfield with Lauren Grice being the first female home.

Geoffrey Walkley, the Club's Commodore said:
"We've had a fantastic week with 51 boats, crewed by club members and visitors from all age groups, sailing in quite challenging weather and tidal conditions. With a large entertainment programme after sailing, both on dry land and in the mud at low tide, the club was busy and vibrant throughout the week and everyone contributed to and enjoyed its very friendly atmosphere."

With much more sailing to be done this year Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club is open to new members who can benefit from reduced rates for the remainder of the season. We also have an exciting upcoming Winter Series which is open to visiting dinghy sailors. Photo courtesy of Teresa Giles.

Goodbye Maylandsea Bay Week 2012.

After a week of great sailing, fun and games for all the week ended with the prize giving, dinner and disco.

Many thanks to Paul, the MBWeek committee and all who helped make is such a great success.

Full race results can be here.

Go to the MB Week pages for more.

Last Night 2012

Shiver me timbers winners

Maylandsea Bay Week Race Schedule 2012

The key features of the race programme are :
  • 10 races for dinghies, short course including Picos
  • 3 races for keelboats on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Races of various lengths
  • Crews Race
  • Shiver me Timbers race
  • Daily prizes
  • Prize giving on Friday evening
A sailing briefing will be held on Sunday 12th August (at approximately 19:00) in the Club House.
Please note the start time on the Monday morning is 8:00MAYLANDSEA BAY WEEK RACE SCHEDULE 2012

Version 11 07 12


First start time

Sandhopper /keelboat racing

Dinghy handicap racing

Pico and short course racing


(subject to change)

High water time





Points race 1

Points race 1

Club line start and finish





Points race 2

Points race 2

Club line start and finish











Points race 1 Start/finish at club

Points race 3

Points race 3

Club line start and finish





Points race 4

Points race 4

Club line start and finish





Points race 5

Points race 5

Club line start and finish




Points race 2 Start/finish at club

Points race 6

Points race 6

Race to Mundon Spit

Club line start, finish near Mundon Spit












Points race 7

Points race 7

Race back from Mundon Spit

Start near Mundon spit, club line finish




Points race 3 Start/finish at club

Points race 8

Points Race 8

Club line start and finish





Points race 9

Points Race 9






Points race 10

Points Race 10






Crews Race

Crews Race

Club line start and finish





Shivers me Timbers

Shiver me Timbers

Start and finish in vicinity of club


Discards for Series Racing :
Sandhoppers/Keelboats: 3 races to be sailed,
1 discard to count only after 3rd race has been sailed
Dinghy fleet: 10 races to be sailed,
1 discards only after 6th race has been sailed
	2 discards only after 8th race has been sailed
	3 discards only after 10th race has been sailed
Pico and short course: 10 races to be sailed,
1 discards only after 6th race has been sailed
	2 discards only after 8th race has been sailed
	3 discards only after 10th race has been sailed

Sailing Instructions and Course cards to be published shortly.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact Paul or Katherine on 01245 280025 or JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


Paul and Katherine Wilkinson, John and Teresa Giles, Neil and Gail Raven and Paul and Sally Gray

Maylandsea Bay Week Committee

It was goodbye to Chilli.

Chilli, one our Pioner Multi's, has been sold and is off to Sweden, seen here being loaded into a 13.5 trailer on Tuesday .

Paul Wilkinson and his team are actively seeking replacement in the form of a rib to support the cadet training programme.

More information soon.

Chilli in van

Bradwell Sky

Delta Lady with crew Teresa Giles, Paul and Sally Gray and myself arrived on time to find new club member and single handed sailor David Shephard rigging his boat and raring to go but sadly no one else .

After loading and re-vittling Delta Lady we set off fully reefed, down Lawling creek, to our breakfast spot by the resident seals near No 4 buoy .

There we waited (drinking tea etc.) for David Shephard and any other brave souls, to face the forecasted SE force 6's sadly no one arrived, so we set of for adventure towards the two towers by the wall at Bradwell, there we found a green man who offered us food and refreshment, thanking him with gold coinage we decided to go on a pilgrimage to St. Peters by the Wall which isn't, it's about 5 miles away . On route we were met by the Freshwaters on a similar pilgrimage who also decided a walk was more sensible than facing the strong fresh wind. Finally we arrived at the old roman fort and St Peters where we rested for a while listening to the calm silence interrupted only by the occasional whistle through the roof timbers of  the SE Force 6. Fully revitalised we returned from  our pilgrimage towards Bradwell village where we encountered  a crickers  where afternoon tea and refreshments were on offer. Again we re-vitalised ourselves and thanked them with gold coinage then continued to Bradwell village shop, now managed by a former Maylandsea resident and barge man Steve, who offered cold fresh cream from the walls. By now we wondered where this wall had gone, has it moved or been demolished? by decommissioning of the two towers powers, that bee (Hum) . After arriving at Bradwell marina and another re-vitalisation we  decided we should really try some sailing on this club cruise, so donning oilies  we motored for a while then realised sailing is a much more comfortable way of travelling in a sail boat than motoring, so we set sail for a beating up wind, to Mayland .

On route Mr Gray offered to helm trying to avoid the spray so being in an accommodating skipper and needing a break I passed the helm to 707 skipper Paul who returned the spray compliment with interest .

A fine brisk, wind against tide, sail ended the Maylandsea Bay Club Cruise .

We were welcomed at Maylandsea by a superb sunset, calm seas and a slightly cooling breeze, plus a note on the windscreen from David Shepherd advising us that he decided to play safe and not chance the Strong winds

Hope to see you at the next Club Cruise Kevin & All



John Giles

Saturday 23rd June Open Day.

Thanks to the efforts of club members the annual open day was a great success. Well over 50 guests turned up with a large number taking the opportunity to "try sailing" in a variety of boats including Sandhopper keelboats, Wayfarers, Picos and Kestrel. As a result we have a number of new members joining with other guests taking membership forms away with them.

So look out for some new faces next time you are at the Club and do make them feel welcome.

Preparing for the visitors.

OPen Day_1

Openday 2012

Open day 2012_3 OPOenday 2012

MBW 2012-2