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Newsletter May 2012.

Been sailing yet??  Lots coming up so no excuses.....  Here is a list of the major events, with full details in your programme or on our Facebook page (please search Facebook for Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club and join the group).

  • May Bank Holiday weekend -- yes – this coming weekend !!

o    Saturday May 5  10.00 start-- our first adult training session (of three)..  Come along to learn the basics or just brush up a bit before the following regatta.  (Please advise Paul Wilkinson on 01245 280025 or  JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING beforehand).

o    Sunday/Monday May 6/7...   Dinghy regatta and keelboat racing.


  • Saturday May 12 – WORK PARTY.  Lots, as ever, to do and all welcome.


  • Saturday May 19 – cadet training. You all know the drill -- any newbies please contact Paul Wilkinson (as above).


  • Royal Jubilee weekend (Saturday –Tuesday June 2 – 5)..  Lots of sailing starting with the Mayland Mug (Sat) and a three-day regatta starting on Sunday.  Overnight camping encouraged. Bound to be lots occurring so please come down and add to the fun.


  • OPEN DAY -- Saturday June 23.  Fun and food for all the family..  Oh yes, and maybe some mucking about in boats too.  Bring your families and friends...

Also  ..........................................Maylandsea Bay Week - week commencing  August 13 -- entry forms out shortly


And now for a couple of club-related issues..


Duties. Thanks to all those who have so far attended to carry out their duties in race-box and support boats.  You have enabled other members to race in safety.  Sadly, despite our efforts to ensure that everyone knows when they have a duty, some members have not done quite so well – and worse, not even warned us of an impending “no-show”.  For safety reasons, the committee has now decided that there will be no dinghy racing without safety boat cover.  So please turn up or at least tell us, so we can swap your duty.  If you have any questions please contact Tom Dayes (01621 893100) or Phil Spillane (01376 329082 or  JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING ).


Safety procedures.  Further to our decision on racing/support-boat cover, we have decided to implement additional procedures to safeguard sailors.  In future, non-racing sailors must complete a signing-on sheet that will be kept alongside the racing sheets.  So anyone going our tootling, cruising (even to sit on their boat in the bay) or on a support boat should complete details so we know who is out there.  It may sound like a rather “Big Brother” attitude but we realise that often we don’t actually know just who is out on the water.  And if we don’t know, we can’t help, or even raise an alarm.


Please help us to help you make the club a safer place.


That’s all for now – hope to see you soon.