Newsletter March 2018

Hi All,
We hope you're all looking forward to a new sailing season down at Maylandsea.  There a few things to talk about so here we go....


Following the cancellation of what would have been our initial weekend's sailing due to the weather we are hoping that there will be no return of The Beast from the East and that we can get underway with the first racing at 11.00 am on Good Friday.  There's racing planned for all four days so please come on down (details in the programme).

The Galley

Unfortunately we do not currently have a galley hand following Beth's decision not to continue.  If there are any volunteers who are happy to run it on any of the days across Easter then please let us know and we will ensure that we get some provisions in.  If we do not get any volunteers then we will provide some milk for you to make your own teas and coffees but we do ask that you leave the money on the plate below the urn.  Please remember to do your own washing/drying up as we do not have a team of magic fairies employed to do this.

Due to changes in employment law the committee are currently considering what we can do regarding the galley moving forward.


Please check the programme to see when you are scheduled for duties and if you're unable to make that date arrange to swap with someone else using the process documented on the back of the club programme.

Weather Station

The club is delighted to announce that we now have a weather station installed at the club which is available to view online at .  The details update every 15 seconds so why not check what the weather's doing before you leave home.  Click on the top link on the page to see the gauges There's also details at the bottom of the page of an available app for those of you with an iPhone.

We would like to thank Geoffrey Walkley and his son-in-law Mark for building and installing the station.


We have agreed with Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club that they can join in with the training sessions at MBSC this year.

Dinghy Park

The land that currently houses the cruisers will be given back to its owner so we have a small move that needs to take place in the west dinghy park.  All dinghies in the final row before the Sandhoppers will require moving either by their owners or other members to alternative locations in order for the Sandhoppers and cruisers to be moved across.  These moves will start over Easter and will continue at the first work party if required. If your boat is moved and you're not in attendance we will let you know via email where it has been moved to.

I think that's enough for now!

Kind Regards

The Committee