MBSC Newsletter March 2017

Hi All,
Not long now until the new sailing season begins and the activities are coming thick and fast.  We should also have more boats out in Spring as the HBSC fleet will be joining us whilst their ramp is being replaced.  More details of sailing with HBSC are included with your 2017 sailing programme and fees invoice which should start to arrive with you from tomorrow.  The sailing programme is also available on the club website.
Work Party - Saturday 25th March (from 10 a.m.)

We have plenty of activities to undertake on the day including cutting up boats, deep cleaning the galley and ramp cleaning.  Please bring appropriate clothing and any tools that you think may be useful.  Angle grinders are particularly useful for cutting up boats, with safety goggles and mouth & nose guards a must.  Rubber gloves will come in handy in the galley.

Dinghy Training - Sunday 26th March (10.40 a.m.)

The idea of the day is to use the more experienced sailors to go through setting the boat up ashore, some simple exercises afloat, tinker with the controls, etc. Ideally we need to pair boats off so you can practice against a similar boat e.g. lark v lark, kestrel v kestrel, wayfarer v wayfarer , laser v laser, GP14 v ?

RNLI Pennant Race - Sunday 2nd April (15.30 race start)

An early chance for you to dust off those cobwebs and join us for this one off race to kick start the season

Safety Boat & Dinghy Training - Saturday 8th April (10.00 a.m.)

As in previous years we have programmed safety boat training to refresh people on driving and crewing the safety boats. Safety boat driving and crewing is essential to support the racing programme. If you wish to attend please contact Paul Wilkinson or Dean Saxton (contact details inside the back cover of the sailing programme).  There will also be further dinghy training available as detailed above.

Looking ahead to Easter

There are four days of sailing at Easter (14th -17th April), two days of series racing plus two cup races with the usual prizes available. Details are available in the sailing programme.

You are also welcome to camp if you're brave enough!

That's all for now, I hope to see you all soon.