MBSC Flag gif3 Sailing Programme 2017.

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MBSC Sailing Programme 2017- an America's Cup Year


Phil and I with input from others have finished this year’s programme. The program is an evolution of what we have done in previous years.

There is plenty in the programme for all abilities, new ideas to liven up the racing, a reduction in duties, joint racing to increase dinghy fleet numbers.

There will be more sailing on offer at Maylandsea Bay than there will be at the Great Sound Bermuda for the America’s Cup – so come and take up the sailing opportunities at MBSC!!


The keelboats alternate around 1or 2 races with the flexibility to change and self starting for the second race of the day. The Sandhopper open is in August and includes the Len Wright Trophy on the Sunday.

Racing with Harlow

We are hosting Harlow dinghies in the spring series whilst their ramp is repaired. This should give us a larger dinghy fleet and sharing of support boats. No more complaining that there is no one to race against. For the Summer and Autumn Harlow will run the dinghy racing starting from their line.

Harlow have invited us to participate in their Saturday cup races. This invitation is open to Keel boats and Dinghies.

The Bay Short Series

In June July and September we have programmed short course racing. In recent years the participation has been a bit thin on the water but felt to give those the opportunity to race a short course in the Bay area could be set covered by a support boat.

Dinghy Training Days – 26 March, 8 April

In late March early April we have programmed Dinghy Training days – the idea being that using the more experienced sailors we go through setting the boa tup ashore, some simple exercises afloat, tinker with the controls, etc. Ideally we need to pair boats off you can practice against a si milar boat e.g. lark v lark, kestrel v kestrel, wayfarer v wayfarer , laser v laser.

Safety Boat Day – 12 March, 8 April

As in previous years we have programmed two safety boat days to refresh people on driving and crew the safety boats. Safety Boat driving and crewing is essential to support the racing programme. If you wish to attend please contact me or Dean Saxton.


If you feel that we have missed you off the programme for duties please contact Phil or I. If you need to swap please try using the Facebook page to seek a replacement.page1image24728 page1image24888 page1image25312

“5 a day racing” - Sprint Races

The late spring bank holiday regatta is listed as a sprint regatta. Last year I was made aware of clubs that run 10 very short races in day – make a poor start and you are down the pan. With our tides I don’t think we will get 10 races in but with a slick turn around we could get 5 races in each lasting around 20 minutes . Come and get your 5 a day at Maylandsea Bay.

MaylandseaBayWeek–21st to25th August

The ever popular MBWeek is programmed for the 21st to25th August,with 5 days of sailing,5 days of entertainment and food. The Evelyn Darby and Len Wright trophy race will be held on the Sunday preceding MBWeek.

Easter and Camping

There are four days of sailing at Easter 14-17 April with usual prizes. If you want to camp you can do!! There are other opportunities for camping throughout the year.

Push the Boat Out (open day) - 13th. May

Push the boat out rya

This is a national initiative by the RYA to encourage people into sailing. Please invite friends, family, etc to take people out for a sail. This is also an opportunity to get as many boats on the water.

Cadet and Adult Training Days

There are 7 Saturday training days programmed from late April through to August. If you wish to participate please contact Dean Saxton or Glenn Enkel. There will be a small charge but we do aim to get you sailing safely by the end of the programme.

There are other exciting events to participate in throughout the year. Watch out for more information on the website, facebook page or newsletter..

Have a good year of sailing.

Paul Wilkinson Commodore MBSC
March 2017



Sailing Instruction.

Copies of the Club racing documents can be found under the menu option "Race Officer and Sailing Instructions".

Sailing With Harlow 2017

The 2017 programme contains a number of joint series races with Harlow Sailing Club.

A fast and medium handicap fleet – one start but could be two different courses.

Results separated out for each club and series

Overall winner for each series and fleet.

Signing on can take place at either club.

Race officers will need to phone over the course 45 minutes before the start.

Entries need to be phoned or radioed over between clubs.

Harlow’s phone number : 01621 740300

We have programmed the keelboats to be the first start at MBSC

Harlow Starts

The start times in the programme are based on those supplied to us at the time of going to print. Harlow have slightly less water than us, so if you launch 1 ¾ hours prior to high tide you should get to Harlow in time.

Harlow also use 5-4-1-go for starting but indicate the sequence using coloured boards.

Harlow Cup races

All boats can participate in the– including Sandhoppers.  Most of the Harlow cup races are on a Saturday.

Current Sailing instructions are available to view above the "Signing On Table"

Race Officers & Safety Crews

If a member is unable to attend for their duty as listed in the programme, then please try to change with someone. If this is not possible please inform the sailing secretary or rear commodore at least a week beforehand to enable alternative arrangements to be made.

Members acting as race officers or crews may qualify for the average of their points for races sailed (before discards) within the series of races so missed, to the limit of 2 races in any series.  Please sign “on” for the race missed race indicating the duty undertaken to ensure the your points are credited.

Entry Fees

Open Meeting, Winter Series etc., entry fees to be paid at the time of entry.

Number of Races to Count In a Series

  • 1 race sailed - 1 to count
  • 2 or 3 races sailed - 2 count
  • 4 or 5 races sailed - 3 to count
  • 6 or 7 races sailed - 4 to count
  • 8 or 9 races sailed - 5 to count
  • 10 races sailed - 6 to count

Programme Notes

  • START TIMES: Training - Time is the start of the session. Be changed and boat ready
  • MBSC: Maylandsea Bay Sailing Club Start Line
  • HBSC: Harlow (Blackwater) Sailing Club Start Line