Newsletter March 2019

Please see below the latest news from the club.
Membership Renewals
I hope that everyone has now received their membership renewal information for the 2019 season but if you haven't drop an email back to this email address and we will send the information to you via email.

Work Party -  Saturday 30th March (1000 a.m.)
We have our first work party of the year scheduled as above and it would be great to see as many people volunteering as possible to help get the club set up for the start of the new season.  The session officially starts at 10.00 a.m. although some tend to arrive slightly earlier and generally run until mid-afternoon.

For anyone that missed it MBSC has had some success with Kevin Whittle, Eric Reynolds and their crew winning the 2018 BJRC series in their Evolution.

Winch and Safety Boat Training
This will now take place on Saturday 23rd March. Please meet at 11:30 wearing appropriate clothing for the conditions. Please bring your own refreshments.
If wishing to participate please contact Paul Wilkinson - 01245 280025.
Any queries please contact me.

Commodores Sailing Shorts - Roll on 2019
The sailing season is due to start next weekend; lets hope the wind has calmed down and no more 64mph gusts. The programme follows its normal format of racing, training, cruising, MBweek...A new exciting feature is  after sailing socials through out the season - see flier sent out with your renewal notice. Please participate.
Over the closed season Barbara Wright, Gail Raven, Bill Wright and Neil Raven refurbished the kitchen - new cupboards and extra storage, new cooker, new sink, changed the plumbing for the hot water, relocated a fridge, cleaned the tiles and grout. The kitchen now looks fantastic and a big thank you to the Barbara, Gail, Bill and Neil for undertaking the work. Please keep it clean and tidy.
Adrian Turrell, Peter Freshwater and Mike Hopper have done a great job in replacing the winch frame. The old frame and the mounting points were badly corroded,  drainage channels have been included in the new design hopefully reducing the level of corrosion. The cabinet has also been repaired. Thank you guys for all your work.
Kenny Hobbs has sourced and shaped a new cover for MB3 to help protect the boat. During the high winds a couple of boats were lifted off their trollies and the fire door blew open breaking the crash bar. Kenny was on hand to make temporary repairs to the club and boats. Thank you.
To help with the duties the club has invested in a programme called Dutyman. This will allow members to swap duties on line, and will automatically send out reminders. We will publish and circulate a handbook for 2019 with the events but the duties will be held in Dutyman.
MBSC are hosting the spring series and as per last year Harlow Blackwater dinghies will be parked in our dinghy park for the early part of the season - I have suggested they use the space in the west park at the end of the Picos.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the club and out on the water in 2019. Happy Sailing

Paul Wilkinson
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